These are links to sites we find helpful or recommend.

Colorado Virtual Academy:
Free charter schooling online

Cross Bar X Youth Ranch:

Davis Dyslexia Association International:

Durango Discovery Museum:

Durango Children’s Chorale:; vocal music instruction and performance

Durango Devo:;  developing life long cyclists one ride at a time

Durango High School Theatre:

How to Study:
Free tip sheets on topics such as taking notes and memory techniques

K12 Online School:
Free charter schooling online

Khan Academy:
Free math videos and practice

Learn How to Become:
A student guide to using online education to become qualified for various jobs.

Open Culture:
A consortium of university free online classes (no credit, just knowledge)

Parent at the Helm:
Resources for teaching parents because every parent is homeschooling!

Reading Kingdom:
Dr. Marion Blank’s research is the foundation for many of the techniques Mumbling Marmot reading tutors use.

Trail 2000:; building trails and community

Voice Dream:
A truly excellent app that reads books out loud! Perfect for tracking practice.