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We are a network of educators providing one-on-one tutoring services in Southwest Colorado.

  Our tutors are background checked, reference checked, and education verified.

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WMarmot Footprintse work in our home offices, at the client homes, or in public venues such as libraries, churches or schools.  Pooling our efforts outside the “learning center” approach provides the rural/small town student with many advantages:

  • lower cost to the client (no office means low overhead)
  • services closer to home or school
  • a warm, non-institutional environment
  • true one-on-one instruction (learning centers generally hire one teacher per 3 students and use pre-set curriculum regardless of the child’s learning style)
  • scheduling flexibility
  • the option to change tutors if needed
  • the option to have tutor come to your home or school (if the school permits)

The network approach gives the tutors advantages, too:

  • extensive curriculum library
  • collaboration and on-call problem solving with other teachers
  • better pay (Marmot tutors make twice what they’d make in a center)
  • advertising and billing for all tutors handled by one person from a home office
  • the option to tutor only the subjects the tutor knows best and enjoys most